The Frontiersman Cadence

The brigade commander sings the opening verse and chorus with the brigade repeating. The verses are sung by everyone holding at least that respective rank in the frontiersman program.

Heidi heidi heidi ho (brigade repeats)
Willy willy willy wo (brigade repeats)
Hold your head up to the sky (brigade repeats)
Frontiersmen are passing by (brigade repeats)

Am I right or wrong? (brigade: you’re right!)
Am I weak or strong? (brigade: you’re strong!)
Sound off (brigade: 1-2)
Sound off (brigade: 3-4)
Bring it on down (brigade: 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4)

City slick verse:
Don’t know how to use an axe
Survive outdoors or pack a pack
Can’t start a fire by rubbing two sticks
That’s why THEY’RE called the city slicks

Pioneer verse:
Slept out on a hill last night
Without a pack, without a light
Rough and tough beyond our years
That’s why we’re called the pioneers!

Trapper verse:
Trappers go further than pioneers
Breakin’ in them new frontiers
Trappin’ and trailin’ the hills at night
Without a guide, without a light